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Closed-cell Foam Insulation

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Welcome to Spray Foam Insulation Cincinnati, where  we have been of service to homeowners and business owners of Cincinnati for decades. We provide the perfect solution for your home or business energy consumption with our high-quality closed-cell foam insulation. We offer several insulation options to choose from, and we aim to help you decide which foam insulation suits your wants and budget.

Closed-cell spray foam insulation is an energy-efficient, eco-friendly insulation which servers as air-barrier to building. When installed, closed-cell foam seals the walls and stops both air and noise from penetrating, which makes your home quieter. Closed-cell foam can be applied to ceilings, slabs and walls.

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Closed-cell Foam Insulation Cincinnati

Closed-cell foam insulation seals voids around electrical openings and where walls meet doors or windows. However, closed-cell foam is heavier than open-cell foam insulation. Closed-cell foam has a firm structure, and it’s known for its durability. It also makes your home more valuable, and the rate at which it reduces energy consumption is impressive. Closed-cell foam allows you to spend less on heating and make you more money saved.

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Installing foam insulation correctly is essential for keeping your home pleasant, regardless of the atmospheric condition. However, to get your closed-cell foam insulation installed successfully, an insulation contractor should be hired. Before hiring an insulation contractor for your Cincinnati property, it’s advisable to consider a few things so that you can hire a competent contractor.

Firstly, it’s crucial to find out if the contractor is insured and licensed. The insulation contractor should have a legal and updates license, which enables him to perform an insulation task. In case you have questions, or you are in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask. Professional and certified installers are the best fit, as this gives assurances that your closed-cell foam job will be done correctly.

Lastly, when selecting a contractor, the experience is the most essential and most convincing reference. Take time to find out projects the contractors have completed. You can contact us in case you have questions. We believe the satisfaction of our customers is essential, and the perfection of each step is what leads to a quality result.

Closed-cell Foam Insulation vs. Open-cell

  • While open-cell foam insulation could allow and absorb water. Be it air or liquid, the closed-cell foam insulation prevents this, as it is non-porous. This quality makes it sever as air-barrier, perfectly protecting your home from moisture and its damaging effects.
  • Because of its physical characteristics, after installation, closed-cell foam tends to be much stronger than open-cell foam insulation, and since it is always applied directly on the wall surface, it becomes part of the wall, making the wall structure more durable and firm. After using this type of insulation on a wall, it gives the walls strength.
  • Lastly, closed-cell foam is a much better insulator than open-cell foam insulation. The average R values for an open-cell foam insulation are between 2 to 4 per inch of thickness, while closed-cell foam average R-values are between 6 and 9 per inch of thickness. This fantastic thermal efficiency is not only useful from the insulating point of view, but installing closed-cell foam insulation also means a much smaller amount of material will be used, and the insulation will occupy lesser space.

Nevertheless, advantages and disadvantages could differ from prices to how easy it is to install this insulation. Haven’t decided yet what type of insulation you are going to use? Contact us and we will assist you. Our professional insulation services in Cincinnati include insulation installation, insulation replacement and insulation repair.

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Advantages of Closed-cell Foam Insulation

One of the significant benefits of closed-cell foam is the durability that it gives to a building. Apart from the fact that closed-cell foam fills cracks and holes on the wall, it also prevents water from entering a building through the attic. Below are more benefits of closed-cell foam insulation.

  • Reducing Need for Cooling and Heating: Closed-cell foam is known for its ability to fill small holes and cracks. When sprayed, it expands and dries up immediately, filling cracks and holes. Closed-cell foam does not only serve as air-barrier, but it is also used for heating and cooling of homes. Regardless of where your Cincinnati home is, home insulation will reduce your cooling and heating bills. However, closed-cell foam is more expensive than other types of insulations, but it will save you money on bills for a long time.
  • Eco-Friendly: One of the majorly asked questions is if closed-cell foam insulation is eco-friendly. And the answer is Yes, it is. Closed-cell foam reduces energy consumption and also helps to Prevent mold growth.
  • Noise Reduction: Are your neighbors not a quiet type? Or do you live in a noisy environment? Closed-cell foam has a fantastic soundproof ability, which helps with noise reduction. When installed, it serves as soundproof insulation and minimizes the noise coming from the outside.
  • Protection against bugs and insects: Small cracks and holes in the wall could allow bugs, small rodents, and ants to access your home. Fortunately, the holes and cracks can be filled with foam insulation. Closed-cell foam is the best option to prevent bugs and insects from entering your home. Once the foam insulation is applied, it becomes difficult for insects to enter. This also reduces the chance of you getting sick from bugs waste.

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Closed-cell foam insulation is one of the best foam insulation methods for crawl space and attic insulation. After deciding to install closed-cell foam in your Cincinnati property, assistance from professional contractors is crucial. Hiring an insulation contractor to access your property and suggest the best method to insulate your Cincinnati home or commercial property properly is advisable.

If you are looking for an experienced contractor, we’ve got you covered. At Spray Foam Insulation Cincinnati, our goal is to provide quality insulation, and we use only the best quality materials. We would love to assist you in insulating your home with closed-cell foam insulation so that you can enjoy the benefits.

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